Full moon / eclipse

Happy first thing Friday. Good Friday. I hope it’s a good Friday. I’m going to take my dog for a walk in the canyon today because he is amazing and I need to walk this existential crisis out of my body.  There are no guarantees, foundations, permanence, controls; nothing. We are floating around with a … More Full moon / eclipse

Saturday night. Doo do do, doo do do do etc

Guten nacht mein freunds. What a weird week. There are so many moments in life where I wonder whether I am having a memorable moment. I think this is weird. I think people with boring lives know when they’re experiencing a “memorble moment” because it satnds out against all the other shit-boring moments that exist … More Saturday night. Doo do do, doo do do do etc

The weeks before.

I’m actually writing this post ‘Volunteer’ post as I found that I may have started at some point in the middle of the night in an attempt to catch up on some information that I hadn’t blogged about. When I say “information”, I actually mean “my life”, so let me tell you about Joshua Tree. … More The weeks before.